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Check out my daily life. From meetings to interviews and parties see the behind the seen life of a CEO and promising INFLUENCER. 

Group Chat

Welcome to Group Chat! This is weekly show where our hosts, Chris “Drama” Pfaff and Dee Murthy, break down the biggest and hottest news in pop culture, technology, politics, and more from the week! Our goal is to create an entertaining and highly informative show with our honest perspectives on the latest topics of the week.

Spotify wrapped came out and I have to say this isn’t a surprise. Would’ve been more episodes if I knew of you guys sooner 😅

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Number 1 Podcast in the world, @deemurthy @dramadrama @Anand_Murthy

To my #1 podcast of 2021, Group Chat: thank you for keeping me company on @Spotify all year long! #SpotifyWrapped https://t.co/DvHf7iMD8i

If you are looking for business/ecom podcast recommendations I’ve got you covered. @groupchat @deemurthy @Shopify @c_gro @ecomchasedimond https://t.co/KaaeMD7kQE deemurthy photo


Dee Murthy is Co-Founder of Los Angeles based Five Four Group and Young & Reckless. Five Four/MenloClub is the leading men’s fashion membership e-commerce platform with a portfolio of five brands that include: New Republic by Mark McNairy, Grand AC and Oshenta. He is also a seasoned investor and partner at Queenbridge Venture Partners and partner in popular Las Vegas shoe store, 12 AM RUN. He is a co-host with Chris ” Drama” Pfaff in a weekly lifestyle podcast Group Chat, in addition to his business ventures. 

Dee Murthy