Are We Reliving 2020? | Group Chat News Ep. 667

Today, Anand and Drama discuss Kanye’s reaction to the Kim & Pete breakup, the FBI’s search of Trump’s property, the CPI’s upcoming release, Coinbase’s earnings, Microsoft’s slashing of expenses, Walmart’s potential bundles, Serena William’s evolution, and Saudi Arabia’s Twitter spy.

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Timeline of What Was Discussed:
Quick check up on Ari. (1:19) Kanye is BACK, and more toxic than EVER! (3:00) Trump is NOT going ANYWHERE! (8:25) CPI ticker. (16:34) What’s going on with Coinbase? (18:40) Microsoft is tightening things up. (21:42) Walmart is getting into the streaming wars! (25:34) Serena William’s evolution. (28:12) Ad Break: Liquid I.V. (37:15) Axios sale is providing there is STILL a media business. (39:12) Being the company of privacy when it’s convenient. (42:36) Group Chat Shout Outs. (50:49)

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Pete Davidson Is In Trauma Therapy After Kanye West’s Social Media Posts FBI Search of Trump Property Prompted by Concerns Over Sensitive Documents $COIN earnings: – Revenue: $808M, est: $854M – Increase quarterly loss per share: $4.98 – unusual_whales on Twitter Lex Fridman Podcast #307 – Brian Armstrong: Coinbase, Cryptocurrency, and Government Regulation WSJ News Exclusive | Microsoft Tries to Reduce Business Expenses by Restricting Spending on Travel and Company Gatherings Walmart is building a streaming service to take on Amazon Prime Serena Williams’s Farewell to Tennis—In Her Own Words Visit Liquid I.V. for an exclusive offer for Group Chat listeners! **Promo code GROUPCHAT at checkout** Axios to sell itself to Cox Enterprises for $525 million Former Twitter Employee Convicted of Spying for Saudi Arabia

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Chris “”Drama Pfaff
Drama moved to Los Angeles with dreams of working in a skateboard shop, and through his cousin, Rob Dyrdek, he became a character “Rob & Big” and “Fantasy Factory”. At age 22, he launched a t-shirt and streetwear line, Young & Reckless, which has grown into a nationwide brand with celebrity endorsements from Puff Daddy and Justin Bieber.

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Dee Murthy
Dee is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and executive in multiple fashion and celebrity-focused ventures. He is the co-founder and CEO of Five Four Group; one of the largest online platforms of vertically-integrated men’s fashion brands.

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Anand Murthy
Anand is the CFO of the Five Four Group and official fact checker of Group Chat. Additionally, Anand is the co-founder of an angel investing firm that has invested in over 100+ small business and start ups.

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