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Today on Group Chat we discuss the Dodgers going to the World Series, Lakers/Rockets fight, Tipping issue, Brandless, Louis Vuitton Virgil drop, Paq youtube and more!


• (1:56) Dodgers are in the World Series! • (4:45) Boxing match at the Lakers/Rockets game. • (8:15) Jonah Hill interview on the Breakfast Club. • (10:34) Update: Kathy’s talk about feeling jammed up with tipping. • (16:17) Dee’s influencer tour continues…DJ Matinee at Mag Park on Melrose. • (17:30) Midterm election news: Migrant caravan stopped at Mexico border. • (23:14) Trump’s approval rating at an all-time high! • (28:04) Update: Scandal over dead journalist jolts heir to Saudi throne. • (33:13) Fashion News: Virgil Abloh’s first Louis Vuitton Drop is here! • (37:07) Palace x Ralph Lauren unexpected collaboration. • (39:32) Who is Brandless and what are they selling? Why customers latched on to their service model. • (45:49) Street wear inspired luxury YouTube channel creating high quality engaging content for the masses. • (55:09) Clearing up the fake news: and the Rise of Shipping From China.

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At issue in the Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo fight: Who was the spitter?Jonah Hill Talks New Film Mid90s, Hip-Hop, Skateboarding & Repping The Era Unapologetically Stranded at Mexico’s Southern Border, Migrants Consider Their Options Interest in Midterms Surges, Along With Trump Approval Rating Scandal Over Dead Journalist Jolts Heir to Saudi Throne Virgil Abloh’s First Louis Vuitton Drop Is Here Palace & Polo Ralph Lauren Tease Unexpected Collaboration This No-Brand Startup Won $240 Million to Fight Amazon on Price and Quality Brandless wants to create the next great consumer packaged goods brand — but it hasn’t built customer loyalty yet PAQ – YouTube Can Ferraris, A Private Jet and Four 20-Somethings Sell Fashion?Life of Dee – YouTubeRed Table Talk – Home | Facebook Wish – ChinaPost Shipping Price Increase


Production by: @dm00re

Episode Notes by: @jackiemartinez1983

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