Be A Patriot | Group Chat News Ep. 647

Today, the whole gang discusses Powell’s 750-point hike, the market’s reaction, Crypto’s margin calls, Elon Musk’s latest shenanigans, Ferrari’s new cars, Chanel’s customer breakdown, and Netflix’s recent scrutiny. Then, part two of our interview with Ian from Ledger before this week’s Winners, Losers, Content.

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Timeline of What Was Discussed:
It’s a blood bath out there. (1:20) It’s funny when things pop, how CLEAR the bubble was. (14:05) Is the Elon circus becoming too distracting? (38:38) It’s an ultra-rich and poor world. There is NO middle. (54:04) When you are struggling, everything is criticized. (1:03:03) Part II of the interview with Ian Rogers of Ledger and DJ Skee. (1:06:27) Winners, Losers, and Content Recommendations. (1:35:15)

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