CPI or Bust | Group Chat News Ep. 632

Today, Dee and Anand are joined by Josh Jenkins-Robbins, CEO of immi.io. Learn more about immi below. After the interview, Dee and Anand discuss the market’s brutal beating, Coinbase’s revenue miss, Roblox’s quarterlies, Peloton’s continued demise, and one athlete’s rumored commentating deal.

About immi:
immi exists to inspire self-expression through animation. For casual creators and character fanatics who want to experience the fun, joy, and freedom of being anyone they want to be, immi, through empowering self-expression, is the only real-time animation platform making full-body 3D cinema-quality characters and facial tracking technology accessible to anyone, anywhere. Unlike any other real-time animation platform, we believe animation has power, creativity ignites connection, and when we fully express ourselves, we bring more to life. Our team is comprised of tech veterans (from places like Twitter and SNAP) and former entertainment executives who are committed to infusing joy and fun into the world. AMGI Studios, immi’s strategic partners, is comprised of the highest caliber animators who have walked the halls of Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks, and are reshaping the landscape of animated content through powerful storytelling for generations to come. With our cutting-edge technology and creation of extraordinary characters, together we are immi. Where imagination meets animation.

Connect with Josh and immi!
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Timeline of What Was Discussed:
A Group Chat exclusive interview with Josh Jenkins-Robbins, CEO of immi.io. They discuss their business model, moving beyond a profile picture, being the Marvel of the metaverse, and what the future looks like for their company. (1:54) Are we all about to be homeless?! (22:56) Earnings or ‘losings’ reports: Coinbase, Roblox, and Peloton. (32:52) How the sports analyst has become so important. (50:16) Update from the previous pod on hiring freezes. (58:40)

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About the Hosts!

Chris “”Drama Pfaff
Drama moved to Los Angeles with dreams of working in a skateboard shop, and through his cousin, Rob Dyrdek, he became a character “Rob & Big” and “Fantasy Factory”. At age 22, he launched a t-shirt and streetwear line, Young & Reckless, which has grown into a nationwide brand with celebrity endorsements from Puff Daddy and Justin Bieber.

Follow Drama on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drama

Dee Murthy
Dee is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and executive in multiple fashion and celebrity-focused ventures. He is the co-founder and CEO of Five Four Group; one of the largest online platforms of vertically-integrated men’s fashion brands.

Follow Dee on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/deemurthy

Anand Murthy
Anand is the CFO of the Five Four Group and official fact checker of Group Chat. Additionally, Anand is the co-founder of an angel investing firm that has invested in over 100+ small business and start ups.

Follow Anand on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anandmurthy/

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