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Today on Group Chat we say goodbye to Chad as he leaves for Bali.  We talk the Met Gala, ‘Amazon-proof’ businesses, Kim K, Tiger Woods, Starbucks cameo in Game of Thrones, Tesla car insurance, water containing chemicals linked to cancer, Lyft lost $1.14B and Trump’s Tax Returns.

Chad’s farewell…Why Bali? His future plans & MORE. [2:38]

Recapping the rich people ‘Halloween party’ that is the Met Gala 2019. [16:10]

The 11 industries that are ‘Amazon proof’. [20:57]

How Kim Kardashian quietly helped free 17 inmates in 90 days. [27:05]

Tiger Woods receives Medal of Freedom from Trump. [30:19]

Marketing ploy or not? The “Game of Thrones” coffee cupgaffe. [32:05]

Tesla plans to sell owners cheaper car insurance. What does this mean for the consumer? [36:31]

Buyers beware: Drinking water may contain chemicals linked to cancer and infertility. [39:19]

Lyft posts loss of $1.14B in first quarterly report after IPO. What do these numbers actually mean for the investor? [42:43]

Dee’s Uber investment story explained. [46:53]

Trump tax figures show over $1 billion in business losses. [51:17]

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CHAD NUTTER (@chadnutter) • Instagram

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Met Gala 2019

11 ‘Amazon-proof’ businesses that are defying the retail apocalypse

Kim Kardashian Quietly Helped Free 17 Inmates in 90 Days

Tiger Woods Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom From Donald Trump

Misplaced Coffee Cup on ‘Game of Thrones’ Brews Buzz for Starbucks

Tesla Plans to Sell Owners Cheaper Car Insurance

Drinking water may contain dangerous chemicals linked to cancer and infertility in 43 states affecting up to 19 million Americans, new report finds

Lyft lost $1.14B in Q1 2019 on $776M in revenue

New York Times: Tax documents show Trump businesses lost more than $1 billion in a decade

Production by: Danny Moore

Episode Notes by: Jackie Martinez


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