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Today we’re talking about Anand’s GoFundMe for an amazing cause for his son Mav and other children for research, Jeff Epstein’s autopsy shows he had broken bones in his neck, WeWork IPO, GE Madoff, Macy’s, Amazon returns help boost Khol’s, Walmart’s secret weapon, Israel denies Omar, Tlaib entry, ASAP Rocky trial verdict, memo from a Google Employee, Trump/Greenland, Beverly Hills 90210 & winners/losers/content

Giving back for a very special cause close to the hearts of Group Chat. [1:50]

The biggest story of the century continues to unravel…More updates on ‘alleged’ suicide of Jeffrey Epstein. [6:45]

How WeWork is the Titanic if the Titanic were a speedboat racing towards the glacier. Why this company going public should be criminal. [17:20]

Real trouble on the books over at General Electric. How the rich receive no punishments [24:08]

How Macy’s has proven just to be another retailer not willing to evolve in the new era of consumer shopping. [36:00]

Is it a joke that Amazon returns at Kohl’s stores have boosted foot traffic? [41:56]

Israel denies entry to Omar and Tlaib, bowing to Trump. [48:07]

A$AP Rocky found guilty in Swedish assault case. What will be the repercussions for him? [50:45]

Does Google have a race problem? [54:29]

Four Loko is throwing their hat in the hard seltzer ring. [59:10]

Donald Trump eyes U.S. buying Greenland: report. [1:02:15]

‘BH90210’ surprising cast salaries revealed and it’s not what you would think. [1:04:36]

Weekly Winners & Losers. [1:06:50]

Hottest Content for the Weekend. [1:17:34]

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