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Everyone is back in the studio and we’re discussing Dee & Drama’s NY recap, Dee’s election update, Revolve IPO, Peloton IPO, Tesla’s truck, the man who shoved Kyle Lowry is Warriors part owner, decade low Finals rating, Amazon prime air delivery drone, MBA programs shutting down, Deputy of Parkland shooting arrested, Obama Spotify podcast and more!  

Recap of Microsoft event in NYC. [3:43]

Dee’s election results are in… [9:58]

A historic moment in Group Chat history…Revolve Group IPO is live! [13:29]

Stock Alert: Fitness company Peloton says it has filed for an IPO. [17:42]

Disrupting the industry once again…Tesla debuts ‘pickup truck’. [22:38]

When rich people think the rules don’t apply to them: Warriors part-owner who shoved Kyle Lowry gets one-year ban. [25:29]

The Lebron Effect: NBA Finals open at 10-year low. [31:45]

The future is here! Amazon reveals new Prime Air delivery drone. [36:16]

Why are business schools shutting down their MBA programs? [39:03]

Ex-deputy charged with child neglect in Parkland high school shooting. What message are they sending and should he be punished for his actions? [44:10]

What foods can disturb your sleep? [47:34]

A day in the life of Kylie Jenner, as told by Kylie herself. [50:35]

Uber Copter: Uber will offer $200 helicopter rides in New York City. [56:15]

Looks like Group Chat has some competition in the form of the Obamas. Barack and Michelle strike podcasting deal with Spotify. [58:52]

Weekly Winners & Losers. [1:01:08]

Hottest Content for the Weekend. [1:07:58]

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