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Today on Group Chat we have an update from Rick Singer, Rick Caruso, Instagram/FB down globally, US finally grounds 737s, Beto running for President, Facebook Data deals are under investigation, Spotify/Apple complaint, AirPods cancer risk, new Tesla and more!   Drama is going to a Tony Robbins Convention! [2:49]

Update on Rick Singer and the massive college admissions scandal: An example MUST be made of this situation. [6:00]

How when you’re fumbling, you’re fumbling. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp were down for most the day around the world and Dee is falling apart. [13:42]

Facebook’s data deals are under criminal investigation. [17:43]

U.S. finally grounds Boeing 737 MAX Jets. #GroundBoeing [19:44]

Beto O’Rourke is running for President in 2020. [22:06]

Uber and Travis Kalanick are in business again. This time, as competitors. Why the brand is the most important thing.[24:40]

The anti-tech movement coming! Spotify’s antitrust complaint poses risk for Apple. [30:15]

Apple Airpods may produce cancer risks, according toscientists. [33:48]

SoftBank, other investors in talks to invest $1 billion in Uber’s self-driving unit. [35:54]

Elon Musk set to unveil a new Tesla for the masses—the Model Y SUV. [37:54]

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Facebook’s Data Deals Are Under Criminal Investigation

Uber and Travis Kalanick Are in Business Again. This Time, as Competitors

Spotify’s antitrust complaint poses risk for Apple – Business Insider

Apple Airpods May Produce Cancer Risks, According to Scientists

SoftBank, Other Investors in Talks to Invest $1 Billion in Uber’s Self-Driving Unit

Elon Musk Set to Unveil a New Tesla for the Masses—the Model Y SUV

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