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Today on Group Chat we have MLB superstars of the Milwaukee Brewers, Ryan Braun & Christian Yelich to discuss the MLB Playoffs, fighting in baseball, time management and their take on tipping.  We’ve also got some news topics about the bomb packages, Megyn Kelly, stock market update and more!

• The Hebrew Hammer. MVP winner. Rookie of the year. 6 time all-star. Ryan Braun from the Milwaukee Brewersjoins Group Chat. [3:37] o Is being in the playoffs nerve racking to him? How does he deal with the pressure of playing on the biggest stage? [5:40] o How does he prepare for big moments, competing at the highest level? [8:05] o The unique feeling you feel being in a stadium with everyone rooting against you. [10:53] o The difference between fights in baseball and in basketball. [14:25] o How age is the new currency in baseball. His thoughts on the upcoming free agency. [16:25] o What is Ryan’s tipping policy? [18:47] Christian’s policy on tipping? [22:00] o Be where you are when you are there. The way Ryan manages his time. [25:30] • Stock Market Update, Tesla crushes their 3rd quarter earningsand are there scary times ahead? [28:33] • Trump critics and CNN receive explosive devices. [34:55] • Megyn Kelly Today Canceled By NBC over Blackface Comments. [37:54] • Facebook’s top political ad spender is … Facebook. [40:31] • How to make baseball stars more appealing to the fashion forward thinker. Why are the stars not marketed better? Help build their personal brand? [44:43] • Off-White is the Hottest Brand in the World! [48:24]

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Ryan Braun • Christian Yelich (@christianyelich) • Instagram

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