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We’re also discussing Penn National Gaming Barstool, the 218,000 people diagnosed with coronavirus globally, the U.S.’s 10,000 cases, testing chaos spreading across the country, how the virus was handled in China in its early stages, China claims no new infections, the U.S. State Department’s travel warnings, unemployment in the U.S. hits a two-year high, two new infections stem from WeWork offices in NYC, LeBron’s instagram story on quarantine, the virus’s effect on golfers, Oprah Winfrey exposing the QAnon sex trafficking conspiracy as false, Uber’s cash security, the new Portland strip club delivery service, Winners, Losers, Content Recommendations, Pete’s an Idiot, and more

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Welcome to Group Chat! This is weekly show where our hosts, Chris “”Drama”” Pfaff Dee Murthy and Anand Murthy break down the biggest and hottest news in pop culture, technology, politics, and more from the week! Our goal is to create an entertaining and highly informative show with our honest perspectives on the latest topics of the week.

About the Hosts!

Chris “”Drama Pfaff
Drama moved to Los Angeles with dreams of working in a skateboard shop, and through his cousin, Rob Dyrdek, he became a character “Rob & Big” and “Fantasy Factory”. At age 22, he launched a t-shirt and streetwear line, Young & Reckless, which has grown into a nationwide brand with celebrity endorsements from Puff Daddy and Justin Bieber.

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Dee Murthy
Dee is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and executive in multiple fashion and celebrity-focused ventures. He is the co-founder and CEO of Five Four Group; one of the largest online platforms of vertically-integrated men’s fashion brands.

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Anand Murthy
Anand is the CFO of the Five Four Group and official fact checker of Group Chat. Additionally, Anand is the co-founder of an angel investing firm that has invested in over 100+ small business and start ups.

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