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Today on Group Chat we sit down with Anthony Saleh (@dude_br0) and talk about his new artist Gunna, AMAs, Taylor Swift spikes voter registration, Kanye’s lunch with Trump, Snapchat CEO sets goal of profitability, Facebook launches video device & more!

  • (1:57) Special guest Anthony Saleh: Vison enhancer.
  • (7:37) A perfect storm: The success of Gunna.
  • (14:35) Are award shows irrelevant? Anthony’s take on the AMAs & MORE.
  • (20:09) Taylor Swift takes a stance on politics. Huge step or misstep?
  • (31:30) President Trump to have lunch with Kayne West.
  • (39:22) Is it too late for Snapchat? Facebook launching video device, genius move or not?
  • (51:31) Crickets…Google+ cancelled.
  • (55:29) Rich guy Divvy
  • (59:46) Business talk with Anand.

Featured Guest

  • A Saleh (@Dude_Br0) · Twitter/Instagram

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