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Today on Group Chat we recap Allbirds, Uber/Lyft IPO, Instacart $7 Billion Valuation, RIP Paul Allen, Amazon Shark Tank site, Fidelity Digital Asset Services, Trump 60 Min, Netflix Earnings and more!

  • (2:42) Update: Allbirds recap of their valuation.
  • (5:07) @michaelscottchoen – Gossip King.
  • (6:30) Is the party nearly over? Uber/Lyft IPO.
  • (13:34) The in and out’s of Lyft’s new subscription plan.
  • (16:35) The future of grocery delivery. Instacart $7 billion valuation.
  • (20:42) An invincible human being taken too soon. RIP Paul Allen.
  • (23:44) Mastering the art of media integration. Amazon and Shark Tank partner up.
  • (30:14) Fidelity Digital Asset Services: Making it easier to invest in cryptocurrencies.
  • (33:00) Scooter love on Group Chat. Lime and Bird seek more funding.
  • (38:19) He is really good at talking shit. Recap of Trump’s interview on 60 Minutes.
  • (41:29) Want to make America date again. Donald Daters app.
  • (44:48) Cricket Story of the Week: Stephen Curry the new face of the Palm phone.
  • (49:45) Business is booming! Netflix releases their 3rd-quarter earning report.

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Show notes: @jackiemartinez1983

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